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CE Brought To YOU!

In-House Custom Training Information
Quality Education & Training Conducted at YOUR Location
Benefits To Agency/Company:
  • Convenience/Efficiency - You set the day and time for your staff/members to learn.
  • Customized Instruction - The presentation can be tailored to meet your individual agency/company needs.  You may mix and match different classes to come up with six (6) hours of CE instruction.
  • Confidentiality - Your staff can discuss problems and procedures openlyaway from the competition.
  • No Minimum Numbers - However, with more attendees your per student cost goes down.
  • Team Building - Your staff will draw closer together through personalized training classes.

Agency/Company Provides:

  • A meeting room 
  • Audio/Visual Aids
IIABO Provides:
  • Quality education/training 
  • Law and Ethics workshops
  • Experienced instructor
  • Course handout materials (if applicable)
  • Course submission/approval for continuing education credits
  • Sign-in/Sign-out sheets
  • Report CE & pay CE reporting fee for each student
Agency/Company Member Fee:  $950 + $10 per student for up to six (6) hours of CE in a day with one instructor.  Out of town mileage (IRS 2019 rate is 58 cents per mile), hotel and meal reimbursement when applicable (these charges will be agreed upon before class is scheduled).
To schedule an in-house program contact Tyra Dressel at 503-765-5483