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Oregon InSURANCE Politcal Action Committee (OIPAC)


What is OIPAC? 

The Oregon Insurance Political Action Committee (OIPAC) is the non-partisan, industry focused, political action committee that BIG I Oregon uses to support Oregon State political candidates sympathetic to the concerns of independent agents and small business owners.

Your voluntary contributions to OIPAC help support your industry voice being heard in Salem. 

Our plea:

It is imperative that BIG I Oregon members financially support OIPAC.  Member contributions are the only way we can fund OIPAC. While your Big I Oregon membership dues cannot be used for OIPAC, OIPAC can accept contributions in unlimited amounts from either business or personal accounts. Oregon income tax credits up to $100 per couple are available for personal contributions, so you can either pay it in Oregon income tax or contribute to the voice of your industry. You decide.

We believe in clarity and transparency. If you have any interest in reviewing the financial position or activities of OIPAC, it is available in real time at: Oregon Secretary of State details on OIPAC

Please join us by making a contribution today!  You can do so online by clicking here: DONATE ON LINE or you can make your check payable to OIPAC and mail to the Big I Oregon, PO Box 68366, Portland, OR 97268.

Top 5 reasons YOU should contribute to OIPAC:

  1. It's your way of helping to support the industry locally that supports you.
  2. Wouldn't you rather give $50 (as an individual) or $100 (as married joint income tax filers) to support your industry voice in Salem vs just adding it to the general fund?
  3. You'd rather be “at" the table than “on" the table in Salem.
  4. You care about the present and future of this industry in Oregon.
  5. It's what all the cool Oregon agents do.

If you are still reading this far and are still wondering why should you consider contributing to OIPAC. Please consider this:

Financial participation in political campaign activities is completely voluntary by our members but is an absolutely essential element of any successful government affairs program. Without a focused and coordinated advocacy effort, it is hard for anyone to cut through the political noise and gain the voice needed at times to impact change or keep things working as they are. Even a small contribution to OIPAC can help magnify your voice in the state as we approach statewide candidates and issues with one united voice. A contribution from OIPAC to a candidate or measure makes a collective statement for the entire independent agent community. Elected officials will not forget a constituency that appears active and united.  OIPAC can extend your voice beyond your local district and make your contribution count in districts whose candidates you do not know, when a timely donation in a close race can make the difference. 

As members of a complex and highly regulated industry, we rarely, if ever, have an insurance licensee in the legislature. The absence of such understanding creates very difficult challenges when dealing with bills as relatively simple as licensing measures or as challenging as the 2020 debate on retroactively reforming business interruption insurance coverage language to cover otherwise excluded COVID related losses. Even well-intentioned law makers can make laws with unintended consequences. 

May we please have your support?

Thank you for your support!